Why heat recovery ventilation (MVHR)?

FRÄNKISCHE Rohrwerke profi-air

The main focus of heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) is on healthy ventilation of the building. The system removes used air and supplies the building with fresh air. Properly filtered air ensures a comfortable indoor climate at home – whereas fine dust and allergens are prevented from entering. Humidity or mould growth are a thing of the past, too. Heat recovery ventilation ensures evenly distributed air exchange that can be individually and automatically controlled. A ventilation unit provides higher energy efficiency, and the value of the property remains preserved.

What benefits does heat recovery ventilation offer?

Ideal indoor climate at home

It has become commonplace nowadays in modern building construction that homes are virtually airtight due to legal standards and in order to save energy. The German Energy Conservation Ordinance stipulates that newly constructed buildings are to be built such that the minimum exchange of air required for health and heating purposes is ensured. Ideal room climate is provided by exchanging the entire room air within two hours. This requirement is hard to meet considering current living and working habits. FRÄNKISCHE offers the perfect solution to this challenge: profi-air – the ventilation system for heat recovery ventilation. It supplies the building with fresh, filtered outdoor air while removing used air around the clock. Pollen, fine dust and other pollutants are prevented from entering the home – which is not the case when airing by opening the windows. An extra benefit ensuring a pleasant atmosphere and making people with allergies happy.