Fit for the digital age in heat recovery ventilation

Digitization makes a lot of processes far easier already today; software solutions and augmented reality offers capture the market. We demonstrate far-sightedness and provide you as a (future) owner of an HRV system with some practical and handy tools – such as the augmented reality app for starline design grills, or the profi-air cockpit app.

starline App

Selecting design ventilation grills with the help of augmented reality

Curious to know in advance what it is going to look like later? It will be a breeze from now on: The augmented reality technology will help you select the right starline ventilation grill in a 3D view. Use virtual reality to place our stylish ventilation grills for heat recovery ventilation in your own home. Simply download the free app, print out the marker, position it at the desired location in the room and scan it. Now the app will show you what effect different starline design grills will produce in your home.

profi-air cockpit App

Operating the ventilation unit via a tablet with the profi-air cockpit app

With the profi-air cockpit app, you can easily control your profi-air 250 flex or profi-air 180 flat ventilation units according to your individual needs. Depending on the requirement, you can, for instance, set the ventilation mode or switch between weekly programmes. In addition to this, you have the possibility to activate the holiday mode or night setback – and that simply using your table or smartphone. Besides, the profi-air cockpit app gives you an overview of the current temperature, humidity and air quality.  You can even read out the filter status via this application – never again will you forget to replace filters. The new application for quick and easy control of your profi-air ventilation unit is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.