Installation of alpex F50 PROFI

The various alpex F50 PROFI composite pipe designs are of utmost quality, flexible, practice-oriented and feature high-quality fittings providing up to 30 % larger cross sections.

Installation of alpex-duo

Whether used in potable water or heating systems, multilayer pipes for the alpex-duo system are always the right choice. Watch here how to install our alpex-duo system.

Installation of alpex L

Durable alpex L pipes in straight lengths perfectly meet your requirements for easy and proper installation of large 40-75 mm pipe dimensions.

Installation of alpex-plus

alpex-plus, FRÄNKISCHE’s innovative push-fit fitting in dimensions 16 mm, 20 mm and 26 mm, is ideally suited for narrow and confined installation situations.

Installation with the alpex mounting plate

The wall rail is a valuable addition to the alpex system. Double wall mount elbows can be mounted optionally as required. This accelerates and facilitates installation.

alpex-plus 90° female/male elbow saves space

alpex plus 90° female/male elbow saves space for pushing into alpex-plus fittings to connect compatible alpex multilayer composite pipes for drinking water and heating installation.

Installation of alpex repair coupling

The DVGW-approved repair solution seals leaking pipes reliably and durably. Just watch how easily it can be installed.

alpex F50 PROFI adaptor to copper

Fast thread adaptor from a brass pipe to a multilayer composite pipe without using tools.


profi-air airflow restrictors

The video shows the functionality and mounting of our profi-air airflow regulators.

Installation of profi-air classic outlet plus and profi-air classic concrete formwork lid plus

The animation will show you step by step how to install the new profi-air classic outlet plus and profi-air classic concrete formwork lid plus.

Installation of profi-air

In this video, we will show you step by step how to install our profi-air ventilation system.

Putting profi-air into operation

An interactive instruction. Watch here how to commission your system.

starline design grills - easy installation meets elegant appearance

The installation of profi-air starline design grills by FRÄNKISCHE explained clearly and simply in the video.

profi-air easyCALC - quick layout software for heat recovery ventilation

We help you with planning and designing profi-air heat recovery ventilation with our profi-air easyCALC quick layout software.